12 reasons I love winter

It is mid-July and we are in the heart of winter. I must admit that I am finding it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning. My warm bed just seems so inviting compared to the grey and freezing weather outside. Despite the cold and rainy weather; winter is my favourite season – probably because I was born in June. One of the 12 reasons I love winter so much is the cosy comforts that comes with it.

Also if you know me, you will know that I don’t find it delightful to go out and drive anywhere at night time during winter. Therefore I don’t over-commit myself with social events that is scheduled in the evening as I prefer staying indoors. Winter allows me to slow down and in the process restores my mind, body and soul.Β  After all that is why it is called the Hibernation season.

12 Reasons I love winter…

Good food

Winter calls for indulging in food that is soulful and brings about warmth and comfort. Stews, curries, hearty soups, pastas, root vegetables, iron-rich foods like red meat and green vegetables, warm desserts like malva, chocolate fudge and creamy sago pudding and not forgetting loading up on a good source of vitamin C.Β  The cold weather brings on the craving to snack on chips, biscuits, chocolate, nuts and biltong. No hiding the fact that I do love to eat and this is also the season I pick up a few kilos.


In winter I trade cold beverages for hot ones but don’t skimp on drinking my H2O . In winter I try to drink at least a litre a day. Other than that, I enjoy drinking a hot cup of coffee and herbal tea throughout the day. Hot chocolate and Milo is a must at night. Ice cold ciders are replaced with red wine, port or sherry.


When it comes to my winter style, being comfortable and warm is key. It is all about piling on the layers with thermals, jumpers, knitwear, leggings, jackets and boots. Plus I have an obsession with scarves and beanies. A beanie is a life saver when I am having a bad hair day.


We don’t have an indoor fireplace and I am not too fond of switching on the heater. Thank goodness our home is well insulated and the heater only comes out when it is really, really cold. Instead I keep warm by adding extra blankets and throws, wearing fleece pajamas and fluffy thick socks.


With the water restrictions slightly relaxed in Cape Town, I still do a two minute shower but have incorporated taking a warm relaxing bath twice a week. Soaking in a hot bath is so worthwhile and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. A winter skincare routine is important as the cold temperatures dries out my skin. So I exfoliate, moisturize and do a face mask three times a week to hydrate my skin. I also take advantage of the winter specials on offer at a spa or salon. Treating myself to a body massage that relieves muscle tension is so rejuvenating.

Simple pleasures

Nothing brings me more pleasure than being wrapped up in a blanket and indulging in a good book. Winter is the perfect season to do that. This is also the time when I catch up on sport, series and watch movies.

Quality time

The winter season allows me to connect with my family. We will have conversations on various topics, play board games and on weekends (if the kids don’t sleepover at their grandparents) we will do a camp out in the tv room.


Although I don’t like going out in the evening; I do enjoy being outside on a winter’s day when it is not raining. Cooler weather in winter makes for a better outdoor experience as opposed the scorching heat in summer. Hiking is a must during winter, exploring Cape Town’s iconic attractions without the crowds and long queues as well as whale watching.

Discounted rates

I love a good deal and in winter you can definitely expect discount rates at restaurants and on holiday accommodation. It is a great time to take a road trip and have a winter breakaway without worrying about places being overcrowded.

Spread some love and warmth

There is nothing more heart-warming than to give to others. Sharing some warmth and showing kindness towards those who need it the most is an annual goal. Whether it is a blanket, soup or sandwich drive – giving to others is a rewarding experience, not just for the receiver but the giver as well.


Whilst others love to knit, crochet, do arts and crafts; I love to bake. The smell of freshly baked biscuits, muffins and cake that fills kitchen is so heavenly.


Sleep glorious sleep. The short days and long nights allows me to be in bed earlier and catch up on much needed sleep. In fact there are days when I come from work, eat, bath and do absolutely nothing. It is pure bliss.

These are the 12 reasons I love winter. What do you love or loathe about winter?


10 comments on “12 Reasons I Love Winter”

  1. It’s weird reading about winter while we are in the middle of Summer here in Scotland πŸ˜‚. I also crave all the carbs and comfort food during the winter as well as all the cosy clothes. In our winter it’s Christmas so that’s a bit of excitement during what can be long dark days. Autumn is definitely my favourite season though with the crisp air and changing leaves.

  2. I will say I sleep better and love the hot drinks that only stay warm for about five minutes, but after this winter’s Polar Vortex nonsense and being stuck here with a dead car for a week, no thanks. Although it’s nice to think about in a heat wave.

  3. Loved reading this on the tail end of a July heat wave here in the Northern Hemisphere. I do love winter clothes. This business of getting dressed in the summer is just not nearly as cozy.

  4. We are currently having a heatwave in summer so winter is a dim and distant memory! We have a proper fire in our lounge and I love it for keeping cosy. Thanks for linking up with #globlblogging

  5. I use to like Winter more, but as I age…not so much. I do agree though that I like the clothes and some of the comfort foods of winter. Ours will be starting few months away so for now I’m enjoying the heat of Summer. Saw your post link at Twinkly Tuesday.Peabea from Peabea Scribbles

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