• Back To School Made Easy Thanks To Uber Eats

    Back to School made easy thanks to Uber Eats

    My kids headed back to school today after a very long Summer holiday. Keeping in line with the COVID-19 regulations; their 2021 academic year will pretty much start off the same as it ended in 2020. Meaning they will have in-classroom as well as remote teaching on a rotational basis.  Getting back into a routine after not having to worry about packed school lunches for so long; is going to be a bit of a challenge.  With an already busy schedule of my own with back-to-back meetings and the kids having to focus on their schoolwork; time is of the essence and heading out to get a meal or grocery items is not always a possibility.

    These days planning back to school or stay at home lunch meals is so much easier thanks to Uber Eats.  The Uber Eats App enables me to order takeaway meals and snacks from selected stores/cafes in and around our area.  Not having to stress about preparing meals and rushing out to the shop to get fresh fruit and snacks has saved me so much time and energy. 

    Back to School made easy thanks to Uber Eats


    Additionally; Uber Eats has partnered with the retail store, Game in order to get those last minute back-to-school stationery items. Yip you read that correctly. Skip the queues and avoid the last-minute back to school shopping rush and alleviate the anxiety by ordering via the app and have your items delivered straight to your doorstep.  Now isn’t that just convenient!

    Ordering via the Uber Eats app is super easy and effortless.  All you have to do is download the app on your smartphone. Just make sure that Uber Eats deliver in your area and if they do start ordering. 

    Key features that I love about this app is that I can schedule order anytime up to an hour before the desired delivery time.  Tracking orders in real time allows me to view the meal prep time, collection and lastly delivery time.  Ensuring that social distancing measures are followed; contactless delivery is available. Meals are “left at the door” with an option to add a special instruction for the driver. 

    In order for my kids to have enough energy to concentrate; it is imperative that they have a healthy lunch at school or at home.  These days my kids love blended smoothies; this is a great meal option for school and home schooling. I know that they will get the much needed vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre.  What is great is that Uber Eats ensures that these smoothies are clingfilmed to avoid any spillage. 

    With the new allergy-friendly filters; the app also allows me browse through the menus of local restaurants. Based on what dietary and meal options are available, the price, how long it will take to prepare the order; I can then make my selection.  

    Back to School made easy thanks to Uber Eats

    The in-app restaurant promotions is another feature I like. Promotions will pop up in the search results which gives me more reason to order food via the app. An up and coming promotion will be Burger Week which gives 20% off the top 3 burger menu items.  This promotion will run from 22 February and will be valid until 28 February 2021.

    So with that in mind, get back to school ready and make your life a little bit easier with Uber Eats #Back2School #UberEatsGetsIt

    Keep an eye out for a great Uber Eats giveaway that I will launch on my Instagram page @millerinthecity.

    **Disclaimer – this post is in collaboration with Uber Eats. However, the views expressed in this post are my own**


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