You guys we’ve made the best investment ever.  For the longest time I wanted a wood fired pizza oven. I mean who doesn’t want one after seeing Jamie Oliver cook in his wood fired outdoor pizza oven and displaying his culinary skills.

Then last year, after visiting one of the malls, I saw an exhibition of portable stainless steel Piccolo wood fired pizza ovens.  The design was perfect with its remarkable workmanship.  However how I visualised it, it never really fitted into our then backyard.  Needless to say, I took a pamphlet and a business card and headed home.

After doing some renovations in December, we are slowly but surely transforming our backyard into something eye-catching.  Then the idea of getting a pizza oven crept into my mind again. It was the ideal time to get one.

It took some convincing but I finally won Brent over.  The thought of building one, didn’t sit well with us as we just didn’t see ourselves going through the trouble of cement, bricks and dealing with a mess again.

Then I remembered the exhibit. Normally I would just chuck pamphlets away but somehow I kept on to this one.  I then contacted Jack Gasparre who is the designer and business owner of Forno a Legno Pizza Ovens.  I placed the order on March, 10 and received this beauty on Mach, 17. As there was an extra one in the factory, we received ours within a space of a week.  Normally it takes about 4 weeks to manufacture. Jack personally delivered our oven and the friendly service we received from him left a remarkable impression.

backyard cooking loving wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving wood fired pizza oven


So we put this beauty to the test. We are so thrilled with what we made in this oven. It was the greatest buy ever and when I say that I mean it.  I think, Brent is in his element with this pizza oven. Mmm and that after it took months to convince him to get one as he thought it was just for making pizza.

The smell of wood burning and the wonderful aromas that lingers transcends you to that happy place of backyard cooking. Although we have made various dishes over the coals before, making food in a wood fired oven is in a different league.

Apart from it saving energy, the higher temperatures that a wood fired oven attains, cuts down on your cooking time. Which also saves you time. Cooking food in this oven is so much better than in an electric or gas oven as it is convenient, gives food a smoky flavor, retains nutrients and makes it tastes delicious. The added bonus of this particular oven is that it is light and portable.  It can also double up as an indoor fireplace. So we can take it along wherever we go.

We made pizzas for family and friends which took all of 4 minutes to cook. Jack Gasparre who is also a restaurateur and chef at Posticino restaurant, supplied us with the pizza bases.

Another benefit about cooking outdoors is that everyone can get involved in the food making process.  The girls absolutely love it as they get to add their own toppings to their pizzas.

We also made sticky chicken and pork rashes with grilled vegetables. Normally it will take more than an hour to grill in a normal electric oven. It basically took 30 minutes.

Below will give you an idea of what we cooked so far in the oven.

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

Backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

backyard cooking loving piccolo wood fired pizza oven

Here is to cooking many more delicious dishes in our wood fired pizza oven. Oh and no more buying pizza.

Do you like our Piccolo wood fired pizza oven? Interested in purchasing one? If so please visit Forno Pizza Oven’s website and get in touch with Jack Gasparre. Shipping is possible for all local and international orders.

I would love to know your thoughts on this stainless steel Piccolo wood fired pizza oven. Feel free to leave your comments.





21 comments on “Backyard cooking: Loving our Piccolo wood fired pizza oven”

  1. Oh Wowzas this looks awesome! We love pizza over in this household so this would be right up our street! We just need some warmer weather here so we can do some outside cooking! #fortheloveofblog

    • It takes outdoor cooking to another level. A wonderful investment and it makes the most delicious pizza and of course other dishes #fortheloveofBLOG

  2. Ooooh my mouth is watering! These all look soooo delicious! My sister-in-law has an outdoor oven like this and it’s true – it gets the whole family involved and is such a social way to cook! #blogcrush

  3. Wow! I’d love one of these. We always talk about it and even went so far as buying a book to build your own but never did. We are members of a place that has one and I did go through a stage of cooking in it but it’s such a hassle waiting for it to warm up…I’m hopeless I know~

    • We were also considering building one but just didn’t feel like going through all the drama of the building mess. This one heats up quickly and in no time your food are prepared. With the favorable exchange rate and weak Rand I’m sure this will be a bargain #globalblogging

  4. Oh wow this looks amazing, and I bet that the pizzas taste amazing, so much better than cooking them in a conventional oven. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    • Thanks – the pizza tastes absolutely amazing. No more going out and buying pizzas that’s for sure #fortheloveofBLOG

    • Yes we are lucky in a sense that the weather is still pretty good even in Autumn and Winter. So we will be using outdoors during the winter season as well. Thanks for reading my post #globalblogging

  5. Oh, how delicious does that food look! We also have a pizza oven and my husband (he is the meat chef:) is forever using it to make our roasts. #globalblogging

    • Thanks Jacqui – yes the husbands seems to be the masters at roasting meat. My husband now wants to do a gammon in it – so we’ll see how that cooks in the oven #globalblogging

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