• Birthday post of a forty-something year old

    birthday post of a forty-something year old
    Yip as crazy as it might sound, I am now a forty-something year old woman. And on this born day I celebrate another year and accept the fact that I am indeed a year older. It took me exactly an hour to load this post as I am currently finding myself nestled in the Slanghoek Valley. The signal is a bit intermittent. As I celebrate my birthday today, I am overwhelmed with God’s grace. He has blessed me with another year to experience the goodness of what life brings.

    Reflecting back on the past year it has been filled with good and challenging moments. Taking it all in, only one word comes to mind and that is gratitude. Gratitude for my life thus far, a family that supports me in everything that I embark on, for quality friendships not quantity, for wisdom and health, for mistakes made that I’ve learned so much from, for blessings in abundance and for a simple yet fulfilling life.

    As I get older I certainly appreciate the simple things in life that is often overlooked and taken for granted. I’ve learned to slow down and enjoy the moments. There’s no need to rush and to sweat the small stuff. Some crazy thought crossed my mind this morning that I only have 19 years to go until retirement and as weird as it might be those 19 years will go by in a flash should God spare me.

    For now I’m living for the moment and taking the years as it comes with no bucket list. I believe that I’ve reached that age where life should be lived without a checklist but to embrace the experiences that comes your way. Thank you to all those who sent me birthday wishes and kind words – I really appreciate it. Cheers to another year!


      • Noleen Miller
        July 24, 2017 / 8:24 am

        Thank you Melissa

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