• Buckle under high heel pressure

    Buckle high heel pressure

    Today as I’ve organised the shoe section of my cupboard, I realised I own way too much shoes.  To confess, I have a little shoe fetish. I often find myself purchasing a pair of shoes instead of a clothing item.

    But today as I organised my shoes, one type of shoe caught my eye. I’ve looked at those high heels and had a bit of an aha moment.

    Why am I still hanging on to these shoes?

    Now when I talk about high heels, I’m not referring to the wedge, court shoe or even a heel up to 7cm. Depending on the comfort level of these shoes of course.

    It’s those ankle breaking stilettos and platforms that I’m chucking out. I’ve just completely given up on wearing them. I can literally only think of a handful of events that I actually wore them to.

    No longer will I subject myself to being a slave for looking glamorous.  I will no longer lie to myself in believing that I can actually walk on them and do the whole balancing act. In fact, I am not even embarrassed to admit that I can’t walk on those heels.

    So why did I wear these shoes? You see I always had a love-hate relationship with these shoes.  I must admit that they are beautiful shoes and compliments an outfit. Going to an event wearing a knock-out dress looks more appealing with heels than flats. You just look more glamorous. But at the same time, there is misery and pain that goes with it.

    Somewhere at the back of my mind, I always tried to convince myself that I could pull off this look.

    How did I ever think that walking in those high heels would make me look more attractive?

    The agony and unbearable pain that I felt time and time again when wearing those stilettos and platforms. I would experience cramping calves, bunions, blisters, pain in the ball of my foot and pressure on my fore foot.

    You see the pain and suffering is not just physical but mental as well.  Swearing and cursing in my mind every time I wore those shoes.  Not walking gracefully on these heels, gives my confidence levels a knock. Trying to concentrate while walking, basically not focusing on anything else.

    The concept of “suffer for beauty” is literally suffering.

    Ridiculous, I know.

    What is the point of wearing stilettos and platforms if you can’t drive in them? I mean hello, I can’t do accurate clutch control or braking with those heels on.

    What’s the point of wearing stilettos and platforms when you have to wear flats getting to and from an event and just before entering the venue, you put your heels on?

    Sitting whole night unable to hit the dance floor as your feet is killing you or ending up dancing bare feet. The minute you get home, your aching feet rejoices from the relief.

    Well no more torture and discomfort.

    While I applaud women who strut in those skyscraper heels, wearing it all day and making it look effortless; it is just not comfortable and practical for me.

    You see I’ve always been a flat shoe kind of girl. I love my pumps, loafers and sneakers. They just so comfortable and I’m all about comfort especially when it comes to my feet.

    Besides the sore feet, high heels from 10cm up is not good for the rest of your body. It is bad for your posture and creates back problems.  In actual fact, it is dangerous as it puts you at risk to lose your balance and either spraining your ankles, breaking your legs or neck. Ask yourself, is it really worth it.

    So thank you Mr Jimmy Choo and Mr Christian Louboutin for designing those beautiful shoes; however I will no longer buckle under high heel pressure.



    1. October 25, 2017 / 11:02 am

      I like high heels but they need to be quite chunky if I’m running around in them for any length of time…#FortheloveofBLOG

      • Noleen Miller
        October 26, 2017 / 9:09 am

        The chunky ones I can still do especially if it is comfortable but not those needle thin ones.#fortheloveofBLOG

    2. October 31, 2017 / 11:34 am

      But they are soooo pretty!
      I am a shoe queen too but now they are just for the occasion wear as like you say, they are so unkind to our feet! Still over them though ((sigh)) #twinklytuesday

      • Noleen Miller
        November 1, 2017 / 8:57 am

        There are some beautiful high heels out there but I’ll rather opt for comfort than to suffer for beauty. Thanks for reading my post.#TwinklyTuesday

    3. October 31, 2017 / 7:13 pm

      Do you know I’ve just sent a load of high heals to the charity shop today, they have sat in my wardrobe unworn for too long, I just can’t do heals anymore! #TwinklyTuesday

      • Noleen Miller
        November 1, 2017 / 8:57 am

        Good on you – I’m sure someone will benefit from it. Thanks for reading my post.#TwinklyTuesday

    4. October 31, 2017 / 8:33 pm

      I’ve never been able to walk in heels so it’s a problem I’ve luckily (or unfortunately) had to deal with. Flats don’t quite look the same, but I’m all for comfort! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x

      • Noleen Miller
        November 1, 2017 / 9:07 am

        At the end it’s all about comfort and not suffering for beauty. Thanks for reading my post.#fortheloveofBLOG

    5. November 1, 2017 / 1:00 am

      Yay! Rock the flats! I’ve got a problem with my leg that’s meant I haven’t been able to wear heels since I was about 20. I did love them, but was never great at walking in them, and now I just rock the flats whenever, wherever. You can get some amazing flat shoes – I’m always oggling the Irregular Choice website! #BlogCrush

      • Noleen Miller
        November 1, 2017 / 9:08 am

        Ah sorry to hear. Flats are the best and so comfortable and it’s amazing how great flats compliment various outfits. Thanks for reading my post.#BlogCrush

    6. November 5, 2017 / 12:05 am

      I am definitely a flat girl! I cannot wear heels – they absolutely kill my feet. When I have worn them, I have to get drunk to bear the pain haha!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    7. January 22, 2018 / 9:24 pm

      I was this person too, scary to think back now. Especially after I became a mother they just dont work for me and my toes are angry with me for hours afterward so not worth it. Definitely a flats girl too! #SABloggersCafe

      • Noleen Miller
        January 23, 2018 / 9:13 am

        LOL – so true why do we put ourselves through so much torture. Yay to flat!#SABloggersCafe

    8. January 22, 2018 / 10:21 pm

      I had both hips replaced two & a half years ago. After years of pain & suffering just walking, my goal was focused on wearing pretty high heels. Now, I won’t even buy a wedge. I am perfectly healed and well now, but the thought of stuffing my size 8 feet into a pair of stilettos is something I refuse to do. I’m a flip-flops, trainers or sandals girls, and that’s how it will be!

      • Noleen Miller
        January 23, 2018 / 9:15 am

        Flats are the best – no more suffering.

    9. January 23, 2018 / 3:03 pm

      Hahaha. My wedding shoes are the shoes you are talking about. I only wore it on my wedding day. In my mind, there will be an occasion where I will wear it again. Who am I kidding!

      • Noleen Miller
        January 25, 2018 / 8:49 am

        You never know there might just be an occasion. Hope you can at least balance on yours – lol.

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