• Upside Down Apple Cake

    ve upside down apple cake

    The weather in Cape Town has been strange over the last couple of days – literally 4 seasons in one week.  So with that in mind; I’m still holding on to my colder weather recipes.  Furthermore I love using cinnamon and warm spices when baking.  Once of those baking recipes is my upside down apple cake.  There is nothing better than that distinct aroma of cinnamon, warm spices, a hint of citrus and caramalised apple just wafts through the kitchen; the minute I open up the oven door.  View Post

    Citrus and Pistachio Pumpkin Fritters

    Citrus and Pistachio Pumpkin Fritters

    It’s August and still very much winter in South Africa. Cold weather and staying indoors is still on the cards. And with that being said; my family and I are still craving hearty food.

    Remember when I told you that pumpkin is one of my favourite vegetables – well pumpkin has basically been on the menu since the start of winter.   From creating snacks, side dishes, mains or baking with it; the possibilities are endless to create mouth-watering recipes. The humble pumpkin is so versatile.  Apart from it being delicious; it is packed with so many health benefitsView Post

    Homemade Cranberry Scones

    homemade cranberry scones

    I introduce to you freshly baked homemade cranberry scones.  

    Scones just like the classic sponge cake is a traditional menu item at an afternoon high tea.  Served with a strawberry jam and a good dollop of whipped cream.  Scones are so versatile and you can have it sweet or savory but the texture should never be dry.  That is a complete no-no for me. A description of the perfect scone is soft, flaky, buttery and should melt in your mouth. View Post

    Luscious Boozy Brandy Dessert

    Luscious Boozy Brandy Dessert

    Winter is a time to hibernate, slap on those winter woollies and stay warm and fuzzy.  It is also a time when good things tends to come out of the kitchen. This is one of the reasons why I love winter so much. This luscious boozy brandy dessert also better known as tipsy tart of Cape brandy pudding is one of those things.

    This delicious dessert is nutty, drenched in a sugary-brandy sticky syrup that makes it oh so very luscious. The brandy combined with the dates definitely give the dessert that unmistakably rich flavour.  View Post

    Light, Airy and Fluffy Sponge Cake

    light, airy and fluffy sponge cake

    What comes to mind when you think sponge cake?  Do you , like me, visualize an English classic layered with strawberry jam and whipped cream, served at a high tea whilst sipping on tea with my pinky up. Posh and elegant.  Apart from the prettiness and social aspect; in all seriousness when I think of a sponge cake; three things comes to mind – light, airy and fluffyView Post