Born too soon: The uncertainties and ultimately surviving the NICU Journey

On World Premature Day

Giving hope to new NICU parents

born soon uncertainties ultimately surviving NICU journey

To the new NICU mom and dad, it is undoubtedly not your desire to become one. Whatever the reason for your baby being born too soon; it was a situation that you had no control over.  You did not envisage this to be part of your birthing plan. Even more so that your tiny little human will be lying in an incubator hooked to beeping machines, struggling to breath and fighting for his/her life.

As you sit in the chair staring at your tiny baby, you look tired and worried. The minutes turn to hours but it feels like a lifetime. You experience multiple emotions at once – joy, love, fear, sadness, anger and frustration.  Feeling helpless and alone and thinking that nobody understand your heartache.  A feeling of uncertainty about what the future holds is not strange.


Pet Attraction

Pet Attraction

Reasons why getting a pet is good for your child

Many of us have fond memories growing up with either having a pet dog or cat. No matter our cultural backgrounds, those of us who had and still have pets have this special attraction to them.  We consider our pets a part of our home and family life.

I was always a dog lover as grew up having them as pets. I remember having my first dog when I was about 6 years old. A cross between a poodle and a border collie. His name was Spotty as he was white with big black patches. He was so cute and adorable.


Nurturing Natural Curiosity in Children

Nurturing Natural Curiosity Children

The importance of nurturing your child’s natural curiosity

Children are born curious. From a young age, they learn from this curious nature.  Sometimes parents are too cautious for safety reasons. However nurturing this natural curiosity is the best thing you can do for your child. By doing this your child will construct their own knowledge. Their little brains are switched on to learn and discover new things. Curiosity makes your child more observant and gives them confidence. It gives them the opportunity to see the world from their perspective.


Opposing grade retention was the best decision for our daughter

Opposing grade retention best decision daughter

Why we opposed grade retention and why it was the best decision for our daughter

Delaying, retaining, repeating, holding back or redshirting. Call it what you want; it is a topic that sparks widespread debates and is a controversial issue.  Opposing grade retention or deciding to retain is a decision that parents need to make.

In South Africa children may start school early. They can start at age 4 and a half providing they turn 5 by 30 June in Grade R. Likewise for Grade 1, they can start at age 5 and a half providing they turn 6 by 30 June.  However, legislation in South Africa stipulates that children must start Grade 1 in the year they turn 7. Irrespective in which month they celebrate their birthday.


Summer Water Safety Tips

Summer Water Safety Tips

Let’s get real people. This is serious and I hope that you will take your time to read this post. Summer is fast approaching for those living in the Southern Hemisphere. Summer is a time for parties and fun in the sun. Soon most of us will be splashing in the pool, going to the beach or going camping near a river or dam. But trying to think of all the possibilities to keep cool; are we giving a thought to water safety.


Just average parents

Just Average Parents

Listening to my 55 year old work colleague talk about her activities over the past weekend made my jaw drop. Not because she had a fantastic weekend with so much relaxation.  This woman worked herself to a standstill.  She had a jam packed weekend with endless tasks.  After numerous failed pleas of asking her husband to paint the lounge, she decided to tackle it herself.  This was besides running errands, cooking, cleaning, taking the dogs to the parlour, attending fundraising committee meetings at her grandson’s creche, baby sitting her grandson the Saturday evening and still serving on the ladies committee at her church the Sunday.


Dear Tooth Fairy!

My almost 11 year old daughter’s tooth fell out on Wednesday.  She is now at that age where she knows Santa Claus is not real. This she figured it out 2 years ago and knows we put the presents under the Christmas tree.  I suspect that she knows the Tooth Fairy is not real. But is still taking advantage to milk her poor parents for monetary gain.  Her 7 year old sister then takes it upon herself to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy.  Starting off with Dear Tooth Fairy ….

Oh and looking at the letter below, the tooth fairy had to sign it as well.

Dear Tooth Fairy


Raising Born Free Street Smart Children

Raising Born Free Street Smart Children

Street smart is a skill learnt generations ago but can we pass it on to our children

My parents would always tell us tales of their upbringing in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. They could walk the streets of various suburbs to visit family and friends during the day and late at night. Back then they were raised to be street smart children. They knew everyone and no matter where they were, knew their way back home.


Surviving the morning rush

surviving morning rush

Getting through the morning isn’t always a breeze

The alarm clock sounds and you tell yourself just another 5 minutes and hit the snooze button. It sounds again and eventually you get up just to be in a flat spin. For most the morning rush is crazy not to mention a panic. Trying to wake the kids for the umpteenth time, pack lunches, avoid arguments and finally making it out the door only to be stuck in traffic. Leaving you exhausted by the time you get to work. This is what happens in most households.

Not all of us wake up in a good frame of mind. And having a crappy start to the morning, will determine how your day will turn out. Some people loath the morning routine as it turns into total chaos and madness.


Smartphone – why our daughter doesn’t have one



Smartphone usage for kids

My eldest daughter will be turning 11 next month and doesn’t have a smartphone.

We bought her a tablet for educational purposes only. It contains educational apps and a few games. This tablet has no social media apps on it.

She can use our laptops or her tablet to access the internet for information. Sourcing information for projects or assignments but this is also monitored by us. But having restricted use of a tablet or laptop is not the same as having your very own smartphone.