date night couples massage mymassage

Life has been a little crazy of late and my husband and I kept on putting time for ourselves on the back burner. Although we had the odd hour or two of alone time; a proper date night was long overdue. With so much tension in our muscles, the complimentary offer from MyMassage came just at the right time. So we ditched the usual dinner and movie date and opted for a couples massage.

This was our first couples massage and Brent was very open to the idea. More so, that he was in desperate need to de-stress. Also trying new things as a couple is a good thing and much needed for our relationship.

Walking into the MyMassage studio and welcomed by a friendly receptionist, you sense a relaxed and calm environment.  Located in Greenpoint, this massage studio has four therapy rooms. After completing and signing all paper work and indemnity forms; the receptionist escorted us to one of the rooms. Beautifully set up with two plinths for our couples massage. I would however recommend they consider handing clients a robe to wear after getting undressed. Once on the plinths, two therapist stepped into the room and introduced themselves. We had our own individual therapist so that we could have our massages simultaneously. The decor, dimmed lights and the soft sounds of therapeutic music set the tone to a very relaxed ambiance.

date night couples massage mymassage

date night couples massage mymassage

date night couples massage mymassage

For our massage, we booked the 60 minute Maintain massage. This is a medium to hard pressure massage focusing on tension areas and includes mild stretching to guard you against injuries.    MyMassage only specialises in professional massage therapies. Their main focus is therapy massage to improve health and wellbeing and therefore they don’t offer other pampering treatments. They offer full-body, deep tissue, couples, back/neck and shoulder as well as reflexology massages for 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Customized by adjusting the level of pressure and by spending more time on the areas where it is needed most.

They used pure coconut oil for the massage. It smelled tropical and fresh unlike the intense fragrances of other essential oils. I didn’t realise how tense and tight I was until I could feel the therapist massaging the knots in my neck and shoulders. The strokes were medium to hard, concentrating on the trigger points. Even elbows were used for the deep tissue massage. Which to some might be hard core but we needed it to relieve stress. Both therapists frequently checked the comfort levels of the pressure.

I heard nothing from the other side of the room and was under the impression that my husband was fast sleeping. Until slight giggles were heard coming from his side. He experiences a ticklish sensation when someone else touches his feet. And at that point, the therapist was busy massaging his foot. According to medical reports ticklish feet is a good health indicator.

date night couples massage mymassage

date night couples massage mymassage

date night couples massage mymassage

Now I wouldn’t call a hard core massage, which we both preferred by the way, very romantic. But the massage was very therapeutic. De-stressed from head to toe, we felt rejuvenated. The couples massage was a great bonding experience and inspired a feeling of shared closeness. It was a great activity to help us both release accumulated stress, relax and to reconnect.  There are so many other benefits of having a couples massage.

After being tension free and relaxed, we headed off to dinner where we enjoyed each other’s company over a nice bottle of wine and good food.

Currently, MyMassage is offering a 50% off your first massage valid until 15 August as well as other package discounts.

Keep well!


8 comments on “Date Night: Couples Massage at MyMassage”

  1. My hubby and I have gone for a couples’ massage. We like it, but the bad part is that you do not interact during the massage. It’s more fun if it is followed by dinner or drinks.

    • I think we just wanted to share the experience of being relaxed and to de-stress. We went for dinner afterwards and had lots to talk and laugh about – which also included our thoughts on the massage.

  2. I’ve never been for a massage but I have friends who swear by it for relaxation and destressing. I like the idea of going with my partner as a date night – sounds lovely! #blogcrush

  3. Nice way to spend a date – not sure if it is for us though as we like to do things where we can talk. We just had a great day date at Alton Towers which gave us lots of time to talk.

    • We were so relaxed and calmed by the music and ambiance that there was no talking. However, we had lots to talk about at dinner and had a good laugh as well. I think my husband and I are good communicators in general and that doesn’t lack in our relationship. Just enjoying the shared experience and both of us being released of tension was good as we desperately needed it.

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