• Book Review: Disrupt Yourself Or Be Disrupted

    book review disrupt yourself or be disrupted

    Nobody likes to be disrupted. In fact it is an unwelcome occurrence that can derail one’s life completely. It causes pain, feelings of rejection and failure. And only when this disruption occurs we either fall apart or start seeking change to start afresh. This is exactly what my latest book review is about.  Nicky Verd’s book Disrupt Yourself or be Disrupted addresses the fundamentals needed to reinvent and disrupt yourself in order to stay abreast in a technological driven world.


    We are living in a world where change is constant and happens at a rapid pace. Emerging technology has taken over the job market. More and more businesses and industries across the globe no longer rely on human employment. Instead automation in the form of AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, drones, 3D printing and blockchain are employable and has proven beneficial to businesses. Not only does it eliminate human error; it is more productive and cost effective. It has helped businesses break boundaries and hugely contributed to their success.  But with business success comes restructuring, retrenchments and ultimately a high unemployment rate.

    There is no doubt that technology has enhanced our lives but at the same time it has become a major threat.  People are increasingly becoming anxious of the future of their careers. Jobs previously thought to be immune to automation are no longer safe.  Yet with a bleak future staring us in the face; there is still hope.  But only if you are willing to break the rules and disrupt yourself or remain stuck in a rut and conform to the reality of being disrupted. Ultimately it is how you choose react to this change.


    In this book, the author, Nicky Verd gives voice of her personal story and how retrenchment drastically affected her life. A job once believed as secure, has become obsolete. However through many painful struggles and challenges; she continued to pave her own career path by reinventing herself.

    Nicky’s book gives a clear and informative outline of key factors in three parts. Part one reveals how the power of automation; better known as the 4th Industrial Revolution are reshaping the job market. Here the jobs that are most susceptible to be taken over by automation are highlighted.

    Part two of the book gave me so much insight and made me re-evaluate my own career and educational qualifications. Here she maps a way for personal growth and a change in mindset. She shares ways of how to thrive and empower yourself, seek new possibilities and opportunities in a changing world. That with every personal disruption there is pain but that this is a purposeful pain.

    With a focus on transforming the economic crisis on the African continent, change lies in the hands of entrepreneurship, risk takers, innovators and creatives. In Part three, Nicky offers valuable 21st century business nuggets and lessons of how to compete in the new economic era. As well as 25 innovating business ideas to create your own economy.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The relevance of the topic as well as the author’s writing style made it easy to read. It gave me a fresh perspective on how I view my current job and how I define myself outside the normality of it. As humans we are so conformed to what society prescribe that we often overlook our own talents and value. This book is a concrete guide of personal growth, empowerment and how to invest in yourself. I highly recommend that you read this book.


    My rating for this book is 4.5/5 stars.

    **This book was sent to me by Nicky Verd in exchange for an honest review**

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