• Hairdorables Series 2 plus new Pets

    Hairdorables Series 2 plus New Pets

     This week we received the Hairdorables Series 2 plus a new Hairdorables Pets Series 1. Mika was super excited to unbox it all.

    Hairdorables form part of the surprise doll craze that has hit the toy market over the past few years.  Hairdorables are based on Noah the social media personality whose passion for different hairstyles led her to start a vlog where she invites her friends to join in on the Hairdorables Youtube channel.

    Following series 1 that is packaged in a purple box; is series 2 that comes in a pink display box and offers 26 new dolls to collect. The girl squad with “Big Hair Don’t Care” attitudes are back with all new styles, hairdos, a stand and colour reveal accessories.  The colour reveal accessory changes colour when placed in water and is unique to each doll’s vibrant personality and talent.  

    Unboxing the Hairdorables Series 2 plus new Hairdorables Pets from Series 1 was so much fun. Mika pulled the perforated strip in the middle which opened up to five (5) compartments. Each compartment holds eleven (11) surprises which include a doll in a removable outfit, accessories, collector’s list and signature card.

    Hairdorables Series 2 plus New Pets

    Hairdorables Series 2 plus new pets

    Lastly she unboxed the new Hairdorables Pets. The are adorable little pets who are a group of loyal and lovable best friends to the Hairdorable girls. It comes in a purple box which also has a perforated strip to pull in the middle. It has eight (8) surprises hidden in three (3) compartments. Which include a Hairdorable pet, two accessories, two stickers, one brush, one adoption card and one collector’s list. It offers 24 adorable pets to collect including 1 Ultra-rare.

    Hairdorables Series 2 plus New Pets

    Mika first discovered Skylar who is Hawaiian. She loves to travel, learn about new places and blog about her adventures. Her favourite hairstyle is beach waves. Rayne, Skylar and Taffy Rabbit.

    Secondly she discovered Rayne who loves rollerblading along the boardwalk and feeling the ocean breeze play through her hair. Her hair is so colourful – just like a rainbow and her favourite hairstyle is a high knot.

    Whilst unboxing the pet package she discovered Taffy Rabbit. He is best friends with Dee Dee another girl who forms part of the Hairdorables squad.

    Mika’s opinion on these dolls are that they are so colourful, cute and that their hair is silky soft.  She definitely recommends it as a great Christmas gifting option to a young girl. The Hairdorables are available at leading toy stores and online retailers and retails at R399.90

    Keep an eye out for a Hairdorable giveaway that I will launch on my Instagram page.

    Thank you Just Fun Toys for sending Mika these beautiful Hairdorables.

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