Chores for those little helping hands

Feeding the dogs, making their beds, setting the table, unpacking the dishwasher, wash and dry the dishes if the dishwasher is not loaded, fold the washing, vacuum and dust the furniture, unpack the groceries and organise their cupboards. These are the chores that my kids do around the house and their little helping hands make a huge contribution. 

Letting your kids use their little hands to help around the house is important for their development

Believe me, not all these chores are done with great enthusiasm and it is understandable as they are just kids. They often moan about it but their moaning and whining fall on deaf ears. Completing the job by myself would be easier and much faster. How will that benefit them? So I leave it and allow them to do it.

As parents; we are not very meticulous on how they do their chores. It is often done with imperfection. In fact, the chores are never done in a way that we will do it ourselves. The point is, we are not looking for perfection. We give them these chores as we want them to learn from it.

They receive no pocket money for completing these chores. By rewarding your child for doing a chore, you are teaching them to expect payment every time they do something around the house.  They will not actually learn anything from it and will see the payment as a motivation factor to do the set out chores.

My kids love helping with things that involve getting their hands dirty and that are fun. They love helping in the kitchen with food preparation and baking.

little helping hands

little helping hands

They also love helping in the garden; taking out weeds, planting and watering.

little helping hands

little helping hands

Assisting in the kitchen allows them to weigh, measure, mix and stir ingredients, cut vegetables to prepare a salad. Assisting in the kitchen will often be accompanied with many questions and explanations.  Helping out in the kitchen gives them the opportunity to learn how the equipment works; it teaches them the science of how combining ingredients result in bread and cake rising.  Planting flowers and herbs will give them a bigger reward when they see these flowers and herbs grow.

So here is why we give our kids chores to do around the house.

  • Involving our kids to do things around the house teaches them responsibility
  • Chores teaches them to do things for themselves
  • It teaches them life skills that they can take into adulthood
  • Doing these chores makes them feel part of the family and teaches them how to work as a team
  • It teaches them a sense of pride in what they do and that their contributions are valuable
  • It teaches them good work ethic
  • Helping out gives them confidence
  • It teaches them discipline
  • Lastly it teaches them self worth and that they have the ability to make a difference in helping others

When your kids want to start helping out in the house from a young age; don’t resist and say they are too young – allow them to do chores that are age appropriate and safe to do. Chores for kids shouldn’t be labour intensive and it should not reach a point where you as a parent start nagging and threatening them for not doing it as it will just become an unpleasant experience for them. When faced with resistance, explain to your kids why they have chores and how it will help them.

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11 comments on “Little Helping Hands”

  1. At the moment, Baby Lighty quite likes helping us (as he’s only two!) but I can imagine this will change as he gets older. Like you, I want to get him involved in helping from the off so that he can learn as he grows. Thank you for sharing this with #DreamTeam.

    • At age 2 they really starting to get curious and want to help with everything and mind you also unpack. I remember my kids at that stage when I use to organise the cupboards, the more I would pack in the more they would pack out. Try and incorporate chores that is fun and that will help with gross motor and sensory skills at this age. Like packing his toys, sorting clothes by colour when you do the washing or let him pack the pegs in the basket and let him count it. You doing a great job as a mom! #DreamTeam

  2. Ah this is so true. My toddler now likes to help unpack the shopping and dishwasher when it’s clean (and not hot!) so I let her. I say she’s being a really big clever girl helping mummy and she loves it. And she also loves to help garden though that’s mostly just digging and throwing soil about, but if it keeps her busy whilst I’m busy I’m all for it! #DreamTeam

    • Getting their hands dirty is the absolute best and it helps with gross motor skills and sensory development as well. Keep up the good work – you doing great as a mom! #DreamTeam

    • Thanks – I think it is vital that we teach them from young so that they can take these skills forward into adulthood #itsok

  3. My two love to help… mostly. I’ve always made them do little chores around the house to help, from a young age – I want to raise responsible people that don’t expect everything to be done for them! Thanks for sharing and linking up with #twinklytuesday

    • You are spot on – too often kids grow up without developing useful skills that they can take into adulthood #twinklytuesday

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