• Mika today you’re 10 years old

    mika today you're 10 years old

    You always say that you have to wait so long for your birthday to come around. Even though it’s the same for everyone else who has to wait another year. Perhaps it’s because yours is in December and it feels extra-long. You have counted down the months and then the number of sleeps and the day is finally here.

    Mika today you are 10 years old; that’s a whole decade. Or like you would say I have gone 10 times around the sun.

    Can you believe that you have entered into the double digits? I sure can’t.  How is that even possible when you look nothing like 10.

    You are such a special girl with such a kind demeanor.  Just the other day I was spring cleaning your room and came across all the little notes your friends wrote you. I read each one and my heart beamed with joy knowing that this little girl of mine is already making a huge impact on those around her.

    Your intellect surprises me all the time and yip sometimes I have to go Google the questions that you pose at me. But hey I’m never too old to learn what you throw at me. At times you are feisty and not afraid to speak your mind but in doing so you are still respectful of us older folks. 

    From a young age it was evident that you had expensive taste. As young as you are – quality prevails over quantity. Sometimes I have to remind you of the cost and that money really does not grow on trees. But in saying that you also appreciate the simple things in life and will treasure whatever people give you.

    Your strange dress sense sometimes makes me do a double take.  

    You have some quirky habits that none of us can fathom. Like going to bed with 10 plush dolls. Making a little bed for all of them next to you. I am amazed that when I walk into your room in the morning to find you in the same position when I said goodnight to you the night before.

    Your confidence levels have shot through the roof and it is clear that taking up drama has contributed to this.

    My second born, my firecracker, my drama queen, my strawberry cupcake – yes you are all of these in one. Flip in one year I have become a mom to a teen and tween. So  far it has been an exciting journey without any major challenges.  Don’t ever forget how special you are and that you are so loved by all of us. 

    Happy Birthday dearest Mika I still can’t believe that today you are 10 years old. 

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