• Natural Looking Makeup Essentials

    Natural Looking Make Up Essentials

    My natural looking makeup essentials

    I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I am not big on wearing makeup and don’t wear any at home.  Minimal makeup for work and a full application when I go out. As I never had a problem with acne, oily or dry skin, there was simply no need for me to cover my face in makeup.

    To me makeup is all about looking natural. My skin tone shouldn’t look too white, too dark or cakey.  I’m a freckled girl and don’t want to hide it completely.  Freckles are all about unconventional beauty. This imperfection is part of me and gives character to my face.  Like my husband would say it is my sexy spots. To me natural looking makeup is essential along with the right coverage.

    My must haves for essential coverage and that natural look

    I start my makeup ritual by first applying these must haves for essential coverage and a natural look.

    1. Instead of foundation,  I opt for BB cream.  I absolutely love the Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream  and I use the Medium/Dark shade.  This product is no longer available in South Africa. I make sure that I get a good supply when family come from overseas.  This BB cream evens my tone without hiding my freckles. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Loving that it doesn’t leave a shine on my face. Wearing it doesn’t make me feel like I’m wearing a full face of make up. It has an SPF25 which is great for protection against UV rays.
    2. Conceal. I use the  Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer Stick. Although there is concealer in the BB cream, I prefer to apply extra. My focus areas are under my eyes, around my nose, checks and center of my forehead. As I don’t want my freckles to be covered completely, I mostly use concealer to cover up dark circles and fine lines.
    3. Powder. I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. The transparent colour is my preference. I apply this with a brush and fluff it over my t-zone, chin and a little over my cheeks.

    Blush, mascara, eye shadow or lipstick rounds off the look.

    Judging from the products that I use, you can say I am a Rimmel kind of girl. I love what their range does to my skin in terms of coverage.  Keep in mind, what works for me and my skin type, might not work for you. I suggest find a beauty consultant at a department store that can give you good advice on products for your skin type and tone.

    Be you and stay beautiful in your own way!

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