• Should we scrap school “homework”?

    Should we scrap school homework? Or are we as parents making a big deal out of nothing?   I remember being in primary school in the 1980s and finishing off high school in the early 1990s,… View Post

    I failed at breastfeeding and my kids turned out fine

    You might think why am I blogging about this topic as I am no longer a mom of an infant. I can relate as I was once a mom of two infants and I failed… View Post

    Time to get PG Wise

    Apologies for only posting a new blog post now.  Not to worry I didn’t disappear off the radar. The thing is I’ve been so busy during the school holidays that I simply didn’t have time… View Post

    Dad, can I please have some …! {Demanding Kids}

    When your kids are toddlers you tend to do everything for them. When they get to preschool age, you slowly teach them how to do things for themselves; from tying their shoe laces to dressing… View Post

    Triple Chocolate and Nut Brownies

    Gooey brownies are my family’s ultimate weakness. I often make a batch and it disappears as soon as it has cooled. These triple chocolate and nut brownies are decadent and gives you a taste explosion.… View Post