Time to get PG Wise

PG wise

Apologies for only posting a new blog post now.  Not to worry I didn’t disappear off the radar. The thing is I’ve been so busy during the school holidays that I simply didn’t have time to write or post anything.

Are you PG wise when it comes to what your kids are watching?

So the deal is my kids don’t watch much television. In fact they don’t watch television at all during a school week. We limit screen time over weekends. This will include a rental movie. Although they limited to watch television, we very conscious of the PG ratings. (more…)

Dad, can I please have some …! {Demanding Kids}

Dad can I please have some (Demanding Kids)

When your kids are toddlers you tend to do everything for them. When they get to preschool age, you slowly teach them how to do things for themselves; from tying their shoe laces to dressing themselves. And once they’ve mastered the basics you start introducing small chores. Letting them set the table, folding the washing and eventually moving to bigger chores like feeding the pets, doing the dishes, vacuuming and dusting.


Campfire Macaroni & Cheese

This is the perfect recipe for those winter camping days or nights.  Nothing better than having comfort food when it is cold outside.  My girls love pasta and I tried this when we went camping and it was a hit.


A Weekend in the Slanghoek Valley

Spending time as a family is very important and we do not realise that we are so pressed for time during the week with all that is going.  I want my children to experience the outdoors and experience the beauty of what our country offers. We live in such a beautiful province and we are blessed with beautiful beaches, mountains, game resorts, wine farms and country side so why not explore it.


Our first glamping experience

When I was a child, my parents enjoyed taking us camping and whilst I never really enjoyed it I didn’t really have a choice in the matter. To be honest camping was never really my thing, and back in the day there was no such luxury as air mattresses so sleeping on the ground was a killer. Coupled with wind and sand, camping does not sit well with me. My husband on the other hand simply loves camping.  He has fond childhood memories as camping was a family tradition for them during the December holiday period.  Having our own children we realised that we want them to experience camping and it would be for them to decide whether they like it or not.  Their school introduced the camp-out fundraisers, and it was an instant hit with them.  Even though the school camp-out was just a one-nighter, they loved the idea of sleeping in a tent. I made a deal with them, I would only go camping if there would be some comfort in it for me.  I don’t want to struggle with setting up a tent for more than an hour, I don’t want the schlep of packing in bedroom- and kitchen essentials.  I want it to be a stress free experience.  Just pack in what is needed and head off.  So in March this year my family and I discovered the pleasures of glamping. For those who don’t know the term glamping is more like glam camping with all the essentials and a few luxuries thrown in. Our first experience was at Ou Skip Resort  in Melkbosstrand.  Their bush camp tents are fully equipped with beds, bedding, bar fridge, two plate stove, kettle, pots, pans, crockery and cutlery.