• Upside Down Apple Cake

    ve upside down apple cake

    The weather in Cape Town has been strange over the last couple of days – literally 4 seasons in one week.  So with that in mind; I’m still holding on to my colder weather recipes.  Furthermore I love using cinnamon and warm spices when baking.  Once of those baking recipes is my upside down apple cake.  There is nothing better than that distinct aroma of cinnamon, warm spices, a hint of citrus and caramalised apple just wafts through the kitchen; the minute I open up the oven door.  View Post

    Delicious Spiced Pumpkin Cake

    delicious spiced pumpkin cake

    How do you feel about vegetables in your cake?  I know some people are skeptical to use vegetables or fruit in cake recipes but belief me it can be so yummy. I once ordered a red velvet cake from a coffee shop and the baker used beetroot as the main ingredient. It was absolutely divine. The other is of course my ultimate carrot cake recipe. Those who have eaten it will always come back for another slice or three.  My carrot cake recipe has never been shared on my blog and I intend keeping it that way – it is my little secret. View Post