• Back To School Made Easy Thanks To Uber Eats

    Back to School made easy thanks to Uber Eats

    My kids headed back to school today after a very long Summer holiday. Keeping in line with the COVID-19 regulations; their 2021 academic year will pretty much start off the same as it ended in 2020. Meaning they will have in-classroom as well as remote teaching on a rotational basis.  Getting back into a routine after not having to worry about packed school lunches for so long; is going to be a bit of a challenge.  With an already busy schedule of my own with back-to-back meetings and the kids having to focus on their schoolwork; time is of the essence and heading out to get a meal or grocery items is not always a possibility. View Post

    Exploring the New Elgin Railway Market

    It’s National Women’s Day and we found ourselves stuck in traffic on our way to our two day breakaway destination. With roadworks on the N2 and a stop and go system in place; being stuck in terrible traffic for almost an hour an a half wasn’t part of the plan. So we deiced to take a detour and headed to explore the new Elgin Railway Market instead.

    Not usually operating on a Thursday but due to Women’s Day there was a special market running. With the theme of the day being pink to coincide with Women’s Day celebrations; it was carried through well with decor displays at every stall and even some guests wearing pink.

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