• Smartphone – why our daughter doesn’t have one



    Smartphone usage for kids

    My eldest daughter will be turning 11 next month and doesn’t have a smartphone.

    We bought her a tablet for educational purposes only. It contains educational apps and a few games. This tablet has no social media apps on it.

    She can use our laptops or her tablet to access the internet for information. We monitor her internet usage when sourcing information for projects or assignments. But having restricted use of a tablet or laptop is not the same as having your very own smartphone.

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    Little Helping Hands

    Chores for those little helping hands

    Feeding the dogs, making their beds, setting the table, unpacking the dishwasher, wash and dry the dishes if the dishwasher is not loaded, fold the washing, vacuum and dust the furniture, unpack the groceries and organise their cupboards. These are the chores that my kids do around the house and their little helping hands make a huge contribution.  View Post