• Good night, sleep tight

    good night sleep kids

    Saying good night, sleep tight kids happen at 19h30 at night in my house.

    Our kids retreat to their rooms at 18h00 and are in bed by 19h30 Sunday to Thursday. Yes this is not a typo and you are reading the times correctly.

    Fridays and Saturdays are an exception then they can stay up late.

    Please don’t judge, this rule works for us.  So, each to their own.

    Implemented three years ago, this rule is working well.  They display discipline when it comes to their bed time routine.  Touch wood, no tantrums has been displayed regarding this issue as yet.

    Their bedtime routine

    We have come up with “quiet time” which starts at 18h00.  During this time they can read or write but must be in their own rooms.

    At 19h30 they are tucked in and saying their prayers, followed by the usual saying good night, sleep tight and sweet dreams.

    This is something that I am very strict on during the week.  And I will not budge or divert from this time.

    Believe me by 19h45 both of them are fast asleep. It just shows you how tired they are.

    Why they go to bed early

    Let me explain why they go to bed early. Ou girls have a very early start to the day. They wake up at 05h30 during a school week and we leave home for the latest 06h30 to do the school run.

    Our children are past that stage where they take afternoon naps.  They have a full 13 hour day since the time they wake up in the morning.  During this time they need to focus at school, come home to do their homework and have play and family time.  Without napping in the afternoon, this is a real long day without any rest.

    Children need at least 10 – 12 hours of sleep during the night.

    Sleep is extremely important for growth and development. During sleep the body releases growth hormones which helps them grow.

    Getting enough sleep is vital for their health as it boosts their immune systems.

    They need to have optimal concentration at school and not getting enough sleep at night will hinder this.

    Enough sleep gives them energy to participate in sporting activities and will prevent unnecessary injuries.

    Not getting enough sleep leads to moodiness and behavioural problems.  Adequate sleep helps manage these emotions.

    This also leaves quality time for my husband and I to connect and catch up on what happened during the day and have a meaningful adult conversation.

    Remember as mentioned before, this routine works well for our family.  We believe that quality sleep = happy kids = healthy kids. Whatever your kids’ sleep routine is, I hope it works well for you.  Sleep tight and sweet dreams.