• Mini-Me: Create your own personalised Lego Figurine

    Mini create personalised lego figurine

    A week ago a local based South African company, Mini-Me.Co.Za Personalised Lego Gifts popped me an email and offered me the opportunity to create my own personalised Lego figurine. An instant thought crossed my mind. How cool would that be? If toy companies can give celebrities the opportunity to create their own dolls; why can’t I create my own little mini-me Lego.  Not that I classify myself as a celebrity but I am a blogger and my hard work must count towards something – right.  I accepted the offer and created this cute little mini-me version of myself.

    All that was required of me was to visit the mini-me.co.za website. Once on the site, I had to select my items and add it to the cart in order for me to start building my own little masterpiece. Navigating the website was fairly easy. With 1000’s of items in their inventory to choose from; it makes it possible create a mini version of yourself.

    Items to choose from include heads with various facial expressions, hair colour and styles, torsos, legs and accessories to complete the look of your figurine. Of course I chose a coffee mug as an accessory – Go figure!

    What I like about the site is that it does not restrict you. For example if you don’t find anything suitable in the female department, you can select items from the men’s department. Yay for unisex items!

    I selected a single stand for my mini-me and chose my blog name as text to display in the “cool” font. However there are different font types and colours to choose from and you can opt for a double stand or key ring.

    Within two days after checking out my cart, I received my Mini-Me via courier. It came preassembled in its own little plastic box, with a single stand and personalised gift bag.

    Final thoughts –  although finding the right elements to create the lego figurine can be a bit time consuming; as you need to create that perfect look. Seeing the end result is so worth it.

    I’m super impressed with the service I received and really chuffed with the mini Lego version of myself.  I mean don’t I just look adorable!

    No doubt, I love my Mini-Me and so do my daughters. They too now want a mini version of themselves.

    In my opinion, Mini-Me is a really cool unconventional gift idea. With so much thought-provoking creativity, this will make an ideal gift for Lego fans or to give as a personal gift. Alternatively it makes great wedding cake toppers – for that quirky look.

    Mini-me also has a category for animals (creating a mini version of your pet) and a preset gift category.

    My littlest self has found the perfect spot on my desk.

    Thanks Mini-Me,

    **Disclaimer** I was given the opportunity to create my own Mini-Me in exchange for a review. All thoughts expressed is that of my own.


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