• Wonderdal Edutainment Centre

    Wonderdal Edutainment Centre

    During the school holiday, Mika and her friend had the pleasure to venture through the colorful world of Wonderdal Edutainment Centre at Hazendal Wine Estate to explore, learn through informative play and meet their new Amuki friends.

    Wonderdal celebrated their  3rd birthday at the beginning of South Africa’s winter school holidays, which gave us even more reason to pay Hazendal Wine Estate a visit. Just 30 minutes from Cape Town, Wonderdal is a fully supervised edutainment centre that combines learning with play together with fantasy and innovation. This fascinating interactive space allows children to journey through the worlds of science and nature while building life skills, all in the company of the virtual Amuki characters that call Wonderdal home.

    A first and only in South Africa, Wonderdal offers an exciting and stimulating experience to explore STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) principles with concept specific interactive learning zones.

    Wonderdal has seven interactive learning zones that have been designed in collaboration with educational consultants, edutech developers and learning space designers to create unique learning zones that are interactive, foster children’s creativity & curiosity and promote knowledge and skills across a variety of educational themes.


    Kids can generate an impressive light and sound display through the clever use of a hand-crank energy game. They can climb the trunk of this enchanted tree and nestle against the nets forming the trees canopy.


    Kids can explore the virtual wonder garden where they can enjoy a remarkable and immersive gardening experience and learn about the process of photosynthesis, biodiversity and how to grow different fruit and vegetables. 


    This area allows kids with curious minds and hands to learn about natural science and technology, the different forms of energy and how to problem solve. Mika and her friend loved the marble run tools. They also learned how to model and construct and put their acquired knowledge to test with at the interactive quiz station.

    Wonderdal Edutainment Centre


    The kids also found the brain teaser island fascinating. Here they build puzzles that not only helps with gross and fine motor skills but problem solving, creative and critical thinking.  


    Mika particularly loved the story cave as she could snuggle in one of the cozy nooks and listen to podcasts. There are over 700 books for the kids to enjoy while nestling in the story cave nooks.


    At the virtual kitchen the kids learnt about different types of food groups and vitamins, food processing, the nutritional value and how a good balanced diet will help growth and healthy living.  


    Because of the quiet nature of the indoor area and to maintain a peaceful environment for the Amukis; The Wildlands is pretty much the only area where the kids can run freely and make a noise. Hence the name Wildlands.  There is also plenty of clamber and explore space for kids to have fun, balance and take risks.


    On 25 and 26 June Wonderdal Edutainment Centre celebrated more than a thousand days of playing, learning and exploring. To mark the occasion, the world-class centre is gifting every young adventurer who visits on one of these two dates with a birthday gift to takehome: an Amuki magnet, an Amuki cookie, a complimentary voucher of a 1-hour play session (valid from 1 July-30 September 2022, Ts&Cs apply) and a 15% discount voucher (valid from 1 July 2022 – 31 July 2023) to host their own birthday party at Wonderdal. To book or learn more information about Wonderdal Birthday Parties, click here: https://www.wonderdal.co.za/parties/


    To mark special days on the learning calendar over the next 4 months, the Wonderdal Farm Explorers brings a little extra joy with our Wonderdal  Explorers Club!

    Book any 3pm explore session from these dates at no extra cost: 

    • 22 June- World Rainforest Day
    • 1 July- Plastic Bag free Day
    • 29 July- Friendship Day
    • 9 August- Women’s Day
    • 30 August- Beach Day
    • 22 September- Elephant Appreciation Day
    • 30 September- Love People Day

    View the Wonderdul Farm Explorers programme here: Farm Explorers programme


    And just when parents and guardians may be starting to feel a little left out of all the celebrations, Wonderdal’s Amuki has recently launched “Playdate for My Parents”, ensuring that everyone is having lots of fun.

    Winter Playdate for my Parents offers: Parents are invited to bring their playdates too for a great catch up between friends and family.

    June-: Book the Playdate For My Parents experience during this month and adults receive a complimentary glass of wine when booking the  Hazendal Tea Ceremony Special.

    July:- Book a Playdate For My Parents experience over a weekend during the month of July (Saturdays and Sundays between Noon and 5pm) and parents will receive a complimentary glass of wine when booking the new a la carte offering at The Glasshouse. 

    Wonderdal also makes for a comprehensive and memorable school outing.

    For all day visit pricing enquiries visit: https://www.wonderdal.co.za/prices/ 


    Since 2018, Wonderdal has welcomed hundreds of children to its amazing adventure and exploration centre.

    To broaden the educational impact of Wonderdal and open even more young minds to the wondrous world of science and nature, Wonderdal’s WonderBox provides ongoing outreach initiatives work to ensure that underprivileged learners in surrounding communities are able to access the enriching experience on offer at Wonderdal. The WonderBox distils the key educational concepts of the Wonderdal experience into a format that can be rolled out to those schools and communities unable to visit Wonderdal itself.

    The centre’s ongoing fundraising efforts have enabled Wonderdal to partner with various charitable foundations, such as Jessyka Crew, Val de Vie Foundation, Anna Foundation and the South African Circus Academy, and to cover the cost of visits to Wonderdal for hundreds of underprivileged learners.

    For further enquiries about Wonderdal, call 021 205 5624, email bookings@wonderdal.co.za or visit: www.wonderdal.co.za

    For general enquiries about Hazendal Wine Estate, call 021 903 5034, email marketing@hazendal.co.za or visit : www.hazendal.co.za

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