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    Starbucks opens first Cape Town store at Canal Walk

    Starbucks opens first Cape Town store at Canal Walk

    Cape Town has joined the list of cities around the world in which you will find a Starbucks store, courtesy of its newly opened store in Canal Walk – the first of six to open in the next four weeks.

    In a first for Starbucks, Capetonians who had pre-booked their spot to be among the first to experience Starbucks on home soil were treated to an exclusive first taste of high-quality arabica coffee. With COVID restrictions in mind and to ensure the safety of customers, the store opened with four days of slots available for fans to pre-book their introduction to Starbucks. View Post

    Delicious Homemade Custard-Style Mac and Cheese

    Delicious Homemade Custard-Style Mac and Cheese

    When you think mac and cheese you think comfort food and for many of us it elicits pure nostalgia. Food has a way of connecting us with those special happy memories.  For me, I associate this Delicious Homemade Custard-Style Mac and Cheese with a happy food memory because this particular recipe was passed down to me by my late mom-in-law . Every time I make this, it elicits nostalgia about how she prepared this with love, the smell that transcended from her kitchen through the house while it baked and how we sat around the table waiting for it to come out of the oven.  Followed by the joy of tasting the deliciousness of creamy macaroni smothered with layers of cheese.  View Post

    POTS – The Mysterious Disorder

    POTS Mysterious Disorder

    Before hitting the publish button, I double-checked with Lea if she was certain about sharing her story.  Getting consent from my family is imperative especially when I delve into personal issues. Her main goal is to create awareness in order to help others who might suffer too.  Lea ’s journey with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) started on 22 May. Not known by many, POTS is a mysterious disorder that is often misdiagnosed for anxiety or panic attacks. View Post

    Stop saying that we all equal

    stop saying that we all equalAs I sit in my warm bed, sipping on my coffee while the rain drops fall on my bedroom window; so many thoughts go through my mind. Recently someone posted that we are all equal in support of the racism protests that is currently happening in the USA.  Are we really? I think not; so can people just stop saying we all equal. View Post