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“Shuffle the deck and deal the cards.”  “Come on girls; stop peeping at each other’s cards!”   This I overheard from the other room as you were trying to explain to our girls how to play rummy. They were so excited as you taught them this new skill. With it came so much laughter, questions and the obvious complaints of the one trying to peep at the other ones hand.

Moments like these, make my heart melt.

I’m not going to get all soppy and I know that you are very modest but I want to give credit where credit is due.

I knew you were going to be an amazing dad even before our children were born. I have fond memories of how overprotective you were over my pregnant belly. Upon finding out the gender, you were so content.  Not once did you say “I wish we are expecting a boy”.

It goes without saying, that you had no idea what you were getting yourself into. Growing up in a house with your mother as the only female, you didn’t know too much about girls. Despite your fears, you embraced the fact that you were going to be a girl dad.

Fatherhood came naturally to you, from the day our eldest daughter was born.  You were the first person who bonded with her and when our youngest was born, you had enough love for both of them. That strong bond between father-and-daughters is still evident and strong.

Thank you for being a good male role model. In our daughters’ eyes, you are the most important male figure in their life and the only man they truly love. I see the sparkle in their eyes, every time you walk into a room or when you arrive home. Outnumbered by three females in the house, it’s not always easy but you still make your presence known and with it come that reassurance of security and stability.

Thank you for always being a hands-on-dad. From changing diapers, making and feeding bottles to having sleepless nights in those early years. Before they could brush their own hair, your trademark was a messy ponytail and mismatched clothes. Which always raised my eyebrows. You learned how to wash and blow dry their hair. And although there are still many screams and tears, you’ve mastered this skill.

Thank you for investing your time and energy. From the craziness of piggy pack rides, tickles, pillow fights, loud music and dancing to pretending to have a tea party – you find a way to go from treating them like tomboys to doing girly things.

Thank you for being the adventurous parent by allowing them to do things that I won’t. This aids in raising confident and brave young women.

Thank you for acknowledging their feelings and being there to hug and encourage when they are emotional. Yet you also give them the necessary space if they want to be left alone. Being a dad of girls has changed your perspective and your understanding of females. You see every girl and woman as someone’s daughter, mother and wife by detesting stereotypes and violence against women.

Thank you for being objective. You don’t care what other people think when you take our daughters underwear shopping, displaying so much patience when our daughter had to be measured for a bra whilst waiting outside the fitting room.

Thank you for giving both of them your undivided attention and acknowledging that they are different with their own strengths and weaknesses. As they grow older and become more body conscious, you understand that they need their privacy and that there are boundaries.

Thank you for the bedtime routine, of fascinating stories, gratitude, prayers and good night tuck-ins. Even though they are getting older, this is still their favorite time of the evening.

Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night when they are sick or when they had a bad dream.  Doing this so effortlessly without complaining.

Thank you for showing them that the foundation of a positive relationship is built on love, trust and respect. To them this is evident in the way you treat me, their mother. This is important as this is the character traits that they will one day look for in men.

Thank you for admitting your mistakes and apologising for your faults, this teaches them that you are not perfect and accept responsibility for your actions. Instilling values of forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, respect and kindness.

Thank you for your unconditional love and the special place that they hold in your heart. For always putting their needs first and yours last, for giving selflessly.

Thanks you for being part of this parenting journey. And as the teenage years emerges with new parenting challenges of puberty, hormones, mood swings and an interest in boys; it’s reassuring to know that I have you on this journey with me.

Thank you for being committed and taking on this responsibility – heaven knows, I can’t do this without you.

Lastly, thank you for being you and the best dad you can be to our beautiful daughters.

Love you forever!




35 comments on “Outnumbered by three females: A thank-you message to my husband ahead of Father’s Day”

    • Thanks – he always reads all my blog posts and he did indeed. Sometimes we forget to say how much we really appreciate that person in our life and the things they do for us.

  1. this is a gorgeous post. I also think my daughter’s dad was the perfect girl dad and still is with her. She always comes home from his telling me what he bought her, or they got up to together and she definitely has him wrapped around her little finger #blogcrush

    • Thanks. Oh that is so sweet – yes girls usually have their dads wrapped around their fingers #blogcrush

  2. What a sweet tribute to dad! My husband is outnumbered by me, the baby, and the two dogs. We keep talking about number two and he just KNOWS it’s going to be a girl, but luckily, he’s learning the ropes pretty quickly with our little sassy girl!Thanks for sharing on #BlogCrush

  3. Aw, this is so sweet! I am the outnumbered one in our family; three boys, a husband, and even a male cat. But I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

  4. What a lovely testimonial to your husband’s kind heart and engaged parenting, your girls certianly are blessed to have him as their dad. I’m sure he enjoyed reading this too. Thank you for linking up to #BlogCrush

    • Thank you – yes he always reads my posts and was chuffed with himself when he read this one #blogcrush

  5. It really sounds like he is doing a great job! I myself have four daughters, so plus my wife I live with 5 women. Two of our daughters are teenagers so technically they count double! #TwinklyTuesday

    • Thanks – I think fathers need to be given the recognition they deserve – there are some good men out there who are great dads #itsok

    • Ha ha ha – we actually have a male dog but then again we have a female one too – so still outnumbered #dreamteam

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