Styling Printed Pants

Spring has sprung and what better time to experiment with bold colours and prints.  Some people are scared of wearing patterns but the trick is to style it properly. Playing around with prints can be a fun and allows you to make a style statement. With this look, styling printed pants can take you from Spring to Summer.

A very important tip when you take the leap to wear prints is that the colors need to be complimentary. Prints is all about attracting attention. Think about the part of your body you want to attract attention to.  If it is your upper body then where the print there.  For this look the focus is on the lower part of my body. If you still a little reluctant to go all out with your prints, then just mix it with a plain colour shirt, tee, pants or just a full colour of one print (dress or jumpsuit). However if you really want to be bold, you can mix your prints.

Styling Printed Pants

For this boho (bohemian look, I mixed my prints by matched my printed cropped pants with a beige tee with a smaller print that is not so bold.    By doing this the focus still shifts to the pants.  I kept accessories minimal and styled it with a turquoise colour stud earrings, silver watch and wayfarer Ray-Ban sunglasses and nude colour gladiator sandals.

Styling Printed Pants

Find your perfect print and start experimenting this Spring!


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    • I was skeptical at first to try prints but once I’ve braved it – there was no turning back – now I absolutely love it.#Stayclassymama

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