We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in this affluent suburb of Bantry Bay. After spending a lovely family lunch at the President Hotel, we took a walk from Bantry Bay to Sea Point. Β I was once again reminded how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful city with breathtaking views. Whilst there I captured a few photos of my beautiful surroundings.

My Sunday Photo - Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay was originally named Botany Bay as a botanical garden was planted in the area. This was for medicinal herb cultivation. The name changed to Bantry Bay during World War 1.

This beautiful bay is within walking distance from Sea Point and Clifton and boasts many luxury hotels and apartments.Β Situated on the slopes of Lions Head, the suburb overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Making this suburb, the most sought after property destination in Cape Town.

My Sunday Photo - Bantry Bay

My Sunday Photo - Bantry Bay

Bantry Bay is not an ideal location for swimming. This is due to it’s many boulders which makes swimming difficult. However, it is close to Saunders beach which offers a tidal pool. Bantry Bay is also within walking distance to Clifton that offers four white sandy beaches.

Today was particularly windy with the South Easter blowing over the Cape Peninsula, however in Bantry Bay there was not a breath of wind. Β Making it the perfect Sunday afternoon to go for a stroll along the promenade. As it is protected and secluded it is the most wind free suburb in Cape Town with it’s residence enjoying 290 wind free days of the year.

So next time when you stroll on the promenade and walk from Sea Point to Bantry Bay, pay attention to the magnificent views. Or even better make this your next holiday destination as it is close to all tourist attractions. I promise you won’t regret your decision. Β Have a great Sunday.




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