• Attitude Gratitude – December Journal

    Attitude Gratitude December Journal

    People, we have reached day 365 of 2018! How crazy is that?

    December went by incredibly fast but it was a great month.  So you’ve noticed that I have been a bit quiet during the month of December.  Well I have made a point of it to disconnect for a while and to connect with family and friends.

    Here are some things I was grateful for during December.

    Lost and Found

    As you would recall, I posted in my November Gratitude Journal about my old car that was stolen. Well I am glad to report that the car was recovered by the police and back in our possession. I am grateful for the police officers who did a great job in recovering the vehicle and that there was no damage to it.


    My youngest daughter celebrated her birthday during December and turned 9. I can’t believe that my baby is 9. I’m grateful for another year bestowed upon her life, for physical and mental ability and good health.

    Christmas Traditions

    As a christian the importance of the Christmas celebration goes beyond the gifts under the tree. It’s about remembering the birth of Jesus which is cause for great celebration. Christmas is a time for joy, for giving and to celebrate with loved ones. It is a time for togetherness, passing down traditions and adding new traditions. But for many this is also a time of great sorrow. I am grateful that we could celebrate this day with family. I am thankful that my children could celebrate this day with their grandparents and cultivate positive childhood memories.

    Family and Friends

    December was a time to spend with family and friends. I am appreciative of the loving souls I have in my life and that spending quality time with them is of utmost importance.


    During this month, I must confess that I ate way too much. How could I resist all the amazing food that was prepared.  I am grateful that I am privileged to have food on the table and not go hungry. That I am able to share food with family, friends and strangers who so often come knocking on the door.

    Sleeping in

    I am currently on vacation and will be heading back to work mid-January. But during this time I had the opportunity to sleep in. No waking up at 05h15 in the morning and rush to avoid peak-hour traffic. I am grateful for lazy mornings and doing things at our pace without being rushed.

    Time to read

    Although we have been out and about for most day, I still found the opportunity to read. Currently I am reading, Becoming by Michelle Obama. A great read and I will be sharing my views on it once I’ve read the entire book.

    Hoping that you have a great New Years Eve and here’s to an amazing 2019!

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