• Birthday wish to the most incredible husband

    Birthday wish incredible husband


    I know how you feel about celebrating your birthday. You don’t like the fuss and people gushing over you. According to you it is just another day in your life with an added digit.

    I won’t reveal your age – and you are right it is just a number but damn I have to say you are ageing well.

    But today, I want you to know that it is indeed a special day. It is not about the gifts we got you or the celebration we planned. What makes this day special is that it commemorates the beginning of your life and your existence in the world.  Your existence has a meaningful purpose in my life, our children and so many other people’s lives.

    So allow the people who love you to fuss over you on this day as your birthday only happens once a year. You know I’m right in saying this – according to you I am always right. I’m glad that you always acknowledge that point. In saying that you have taught me a hell of a lot of things about life in general. And although I can be strong-headed sometimes, I have silently absorbed these lessons.

    You are one of the blessings that I am truly grateful for. Thankful that I can continue to embark on this life journey with you by my side. My love for you is deeply rooted and goes beyond measure. On the other hand; you love with all your being and your family is always your first priority. Our daughters dote over you and you over them. The love and special bond you have is so strong. When I sit back and watch you interact with them, my heart warms just knowing that they will always understand what if feels like to be loved by an incredible father.

    Birthday wish incredible husband

    Birthday wish incredible husband

    You are humble, a man of honor, integrity, and a true gentleman who always treat people with respect. A people’s person who gets along with everyone and have the ability to make others feel good about themselves. Kind, compassionate, patient, trustworthy, reliable and hardworking are your strongest qualities. A confidant for so many who entrusts you with their life stories.

    You are so funny and always make light of a situation by seeing the positive side of it. What I like is that you don’t take yourself too seriously and I can confess that I have never seen you bitter or outraged in all the years that I have known you.

    I have always been very independent and so have you but I am thankful that we can compromise and acknowledge that we need each other. Knowing that I always have your support and that we work as a team to balance work and life.

    You are the most genuine person I know and I am not just saying it because you are my husband. I mean every word of it and this crazy world needs more of your kind. So today on your birthday, I am thankful that God bestowed his grace upon you and blessed you with another year. You are an amazing husband, father, son, brother, friend and colleague.

    Thank you for the person that you are and I am proud to be your wife.

    Happy birthday and love forever!


    1. April 4, 2019 / 10:38 am

      Oh my what a beautiful letter and a special bond you both have. Happy Birthday to the lucky man. #ABloggingGoodTime

    2. April 4, 2019 / 10:45 am

      What a lovely way to honour byour husband, by writing a post about his birthday, I send belated birthday wishes #blogginggoodtime@_karendennis

    3. April 4, 2019 / 2:28 pm

      Awww what a wonderful husband happy birthday to him X #stayclassymama

    4. April 4, 2019 / 4:39 pm

      Very nice letter. So moving and beautiful. #ablogginggoodtime

    5. April 6, 2019 / 5:47 pm

      Happy Birthday to your husband #stayclassymama

    6. April 10, 2019 / 10:53 pm

      Such a lovely way to celebrate all of the wonderful aspects to your husband. I bet he squirms with embarrassment because he doesn’t like a fuss! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassymama

    7. April 29, 2019 / 12:09 pm

      Hubster hates having a fuss made so I always make his favorite cake and we celebrate at home. Happy birthday to Brent! #GlobalBlogging

      • Noleen Miller
        May 2, 2019 / 2:36 pm

        Thanks for the birthday wish.

    8. April 29, 2019 / 4:54 pm

      What a beautiful letter to your husband. Happy Birthday to your man! #globalblogging

      • Noleen Miller
        May 2, 2019 / 2:35 pm

        Thank you

      • Noleen Miller
        May 2, 2019 / 2:34 pm

        Thank you

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