• Mika today you’re 10 years old

    mika today you're 10 years old

    You always say that you have to wait so long for your birthday to come around. Even though it’s the same for everyone else who has to wait another year. Perhaps it’s because yours is in December and it feels extra-long. You have counted down the months and then the number of sleeps and the day is finally here.

    Mika today you are 10 years old; that’s a whole decade. Or like you would say I have gone 10 times around the sun. View Post

    Birthday wish to the most incredible husband

    Birthday wish incredible husband


    I know how you feel about celebrating your birthday. You don’t like the fuss and people gushing over you. According to you it is just another day in your life with an added digit.

    I won’t reveal your age – and you are right it is just a number but damn I have to say you are ageing well.

    But today, I want you to know that it is indeed a special day. It is not about the gifts we got you or the celebration we planned. What makes this day special is that it commemorates the beginning of your life and your existence in the world.  Your existence has a meaningful purpose in my life, our children and so many other people’s lives. View Post

    Celebrating 8 years – Happy Birthday Mika

    Celebrating 8 years Happy Birthday Mika

    Today, my sweet little sunshine you are 8 years old. I know that I say this every year – but I still can’t believe how quick time goes by and that you are growing up so fast.

    You’ve eagerly anticipated the arrival of your birthday. I know it was a long wait as your birthday falls in the last month of the year.

    On this day, we celebrate you and your life thus far. I am dedicating this special birthday post to you. At this age, this birthday message will most probably bear no significance to you. As your main focus is blowing your candles and celebrating with family and friends. But as the excitement fades, I hope that you will sit and read this post.

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    Happy Eleventh Birthday Lea

    Happy Eleventh Birthday Lea

    A birthday message to my daughter on her eleventh birthday

    Today my sweet girl you are ELEVEN. How is this even possible?  I guess, I said the same thing when you turned ten.  Looking at you today, so much have changed over the past eleven years. Whenever your birthday comes along, I get a bit emotional as the memory of your birth will never leave me.

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