• DIY Peter Pan Costume

    Easy DIY Peter Pan and Slightly costume

    DIY Peter Pan Costume

    Every year my daughters’ school have a dress up day to mark the end of book week.  This year, the theme was “Fantastical Faraway Places”.  Their choice of costumes were that of Peter Pan and Slightly. Slightly (fox) is one of the lost boys from Neverland.  I usually give myself two weeks to figure out how I’m going to make the costumes.  This year, I only had 2 days to put these costumes together. This diy Peter Pan and Slightly costume was super easy to make.

    Material and instructions are below

    The Peter Pan and Slightly tops were fairly easy to make and that required absolutely no sewing.  Only the Peter Pan hat and Fox ears required sewing. I bought fleece material. Fleece is much easier to work with and it doesn’t fray.

    I based the amount of material on my daughters’ measurements.  For the Peter Pan costume, I bought 1 metre of green fleece. And bought 1.5 metre rusty brown fleece material for the Slightly costume.  The width of both pieces of material were 150cm wide. Leaving ample material.  Folding the fleece material in half the Peter Pan and Slightly tops.  I cut away sections by measuring the material.  Peter Pan (55 cm x 70 cm) and Slightly (70cm x 80cm).

    I measured my daughters’ head circumference and used a 30cm dessert bowl to measure the half circle for the neck hole.  Leaving an equal amount from the bowl to each shoulder.  I used a pencil to draw out a half circle.  I cut on the pencil mark. (Shown in this picture is the Peter Pan top, the other top is based on the same concept).

    DIY Peter Pan Costume

    I cut out the zig-zag pattern for the hem for each top.  As the tops required no sewing.

    DIY Peter Pan Costume

    Peter Pan’s hat was easy to make. It did require some sewing with matching green threading cotton. I used the leftover fleece material to make the hat.

    DIY Peter Pan Costume

    Stitching had to be done with the hand as I don’t I don’t have a sewing machine.  This is the Peter Pan Hat Tutorial I used based on the steps 1 – 7.  To insert the red feather, I used a glue gun to glue it to the inside of the flap.

    Fox ears instructions and material

    To make Slightly’s ears, I based it on this Fox Ears Tutorial. Material for the the ears are as follows:Leftover rusty brown fleece material. A small piece of black faux fur. White fluffy feathers for the inside of the ears. To assemble I used a glue gun and glue sticks. I must admit, these ears were the only costume item that took some time.

    DIY Peter Pan Costume

    Additional Costume Items

    Peter Pan’s green leggings and Slightly’s tabacco colour Leggings were obtained from Mr Price  With brown boots for Peter Pan and gray boots for Slightly both from Woolworths South Africa.

    I just added a brown belt to each costume.

    The slingshots were made by my husband.  The sword is from a pirate costume.

    There you have it, super easy and it doesn’t cost much.



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