• My first herb garden

    I never thought of myself as having green fingers, although both my parents seems to have a knack with growing plants and making the most beautiful garden with rose bushes, lushes trees and a vegetable… View Post

    Love your heart

      Ways to love your heart and keeping it healthy August is Women’s month in South Africa and we are celebrating all you wonderful women.  Women are no longer the less visible gender.  But saying… View Post

    Little Helping Hands

    Chores for those little helping hands Feeding the dogs, making their beds, setting the table, unpacking the dishwasher, wash and dry the dishes if the dishwasher is not loaded, fold the washing, vacuum and dust… View Post

    Choc Fudge Pudding

      This delicious choc fudge pudding is ideal for a Sunday afternoon. View Post

    Should we scrap school “homework”?

    Should we scrap school homework? Or are we as parents making a big deal out of nothing?   I remember being in primary school in the 1980s and finishing off high school in the early 1990s,… View Post