• The dragonfly visitation

    dragonfly visitation

    It has been a while since I have been active over here but I can assure you that my absence has been for good reason.  Since my mom’s death, I have this immense sense of calm and peace. The grieving process has definitely been different this time around than when my dad  passed away.  Processing the fact that I lost my mom and accepting the reality has been easier.  Which is profoundly strange considering the depth of my connection with my mother. Not that I didn’t have a connection with my father or that I loved him any less; my relationship with my mom became much more intentional after he passed away.

    I think what you are about to read kind of ties in with why the healing process has been different this time around.  Truth is; I have been a bit reluctant to write about this.  Mainly because I have always been dismissive about after death communication. It has always been something that made me very uncomfortable.  People often talk about deceased loved ones sending them messages in various forms be it dreams, fragrances, symbols etc.  Look I’m not one to judge people’s spiritual beliefs – each to their own I suppose but it just didn’t sit well with me. Well at least up until my very own experience with a blue dragonfly.  

    Now for those people who knew my mother well, you would know that she was fearful of insects. Any kind of insect would set her off and her immediate response was to squash them or spray an entire can of insect repellent out on one teeny-weeny spider. So to me it was kind of profound that someone who disliked spiders that much would send a message in the symbolic form of a dragonfly.   

    At first I interpreted the dragonfly visitation as just a coincidence and didn’t think much of it.  A few family members told me it was my mom trying to make contact but I just brushed it off as a myth and craziness. However, when it made its appearance several times after the first encounter; it left me wondering about a few things. Like the significant timing of those brief visits, the spontaneous encounters and getting really close to specific family members, and the fact that I have not witnessed this on my own; it has always been in the presence of others.  

    The dragonfly visitations

    The first dragonfly visitation came on the day when my mom passed away.  A beautiful blue dragonfly made its appearance at the exact time when my mom’s sister arrived at the family home. It was flying in the outside area where we were sitting.  It looked trapped and looked as if it was trying to find a way out.  On the contrary it was clear that at that moment the dragonfly had no intention of leaving. Instead it was continuously flying specifically in the direction of my aunt – kind of pestering her.  

    The second visitation was on the day of my mom’s funeral; immediately after the flowers were placed on the grave. We spotted another blue dragonfly hovering over the grave site.  

    On 30 March, my daughter Mika spotted a blue dragonfly hovering over the school playground right in the vicinity where she was playing with her friends.  It came right up to her and then suddenly flew away. 

    On 3 April, we decided to do an Easter egg hunt with the kids in the park. Low and behold there was this blue dragonfly hovering over us again and landed on a plant close to the stream where we sat. It stayed there for a few minutes before flying off. 

    The fifth visitation was very significant and to be honest I was kind of hoping that this blue dragonfly would make its appearance.  This time it was on 2 May, the day my mom would’ve celebrated her 75th birthday.  I was sitting on the bench outside in the backyard and this blue dragonfly flew straight up to me.  My daughters witnessed this and as I shouted to my husband to come and see; the dragonfly flew away.

    Then on Mother’s Day the 9th of May I was once again hoping that this dragonfly would come and pay us a visit.  Sadly, on that specific day there was no physical encounter.  I was spoiled with lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and on the table was a drinks promotion tent. As I picked it up – my eye fell on Ruby Dragonfly G&T.  I was startled as this was just so bizarre. Was it once again a coincidence or was this a deliberate message?  

    I have read up that a dragonfly symbolises transformation and rebirth. The spiritual significance of a blue dragonfly also symbolises loyalty, a true friend, trust, faith and wisdom. It also represents the ability to connect, communicate with others, reflecting the truth, to control negative and distracting thoughts and to do introspection.  All of these traits are a true representation of what my mom’s life was about. She was always expressive and her faith was anchored in God’s word. 

    Perhaps these encounters with the blue dragonfly has just been coincidental, perhaps it is truly a spiritual message that was sent – I still don’t know what to make of it.  All I know is that these encounters have definitely brought me peace and comfort which made my grieving process easier.

    For now the dragonfly has not paid us another visit but I’m hoping it will come again in the near future. 

    What is your take on this? Have you ever experienced something similar?  Please share your experience.  

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