• Attitude Gratitude: September Journal

    Attitude gratitude September journal

    Oh hello lovelies. I know I’m a bit late at posting my September Gratitude Journal but the last few days of the month was a bit crazy. Flu and bronchitis has hit my household and with the sneezing season at its peak; it made the symptoms worse.

    But with everyone slowly getting back to being healthy and their normal selves; it gave me a chance to reflect on the month that was. September in particular was a good month but we also received some bad news for our country’s economy.  At the start of September it was announced that our country was entering a technical recession. The first economic recession since 2009.

    So with the Rand dropping to an all-time low, inflation on the rise, the petrol price constantly increasing which has a ripple effect on all other prices – how do we still stay positive? Or do we continuously stay angry, complain and be sceptical about what is happening.

    And although government could’ve put measures in place to avoid this recession; we as the citizens are bearing the brunt. We can’t control these things. But now is the time that we need to tighten our belts, work smarter with our money and stay positive. Times will be tough but eventually we will get through it.

    Point is, amidst the negatives there is always things to be grateful for.

    Here is a summary of what I was grateful for in September.


    I am grateful that I believe in my faith and the power of prayer during good and bad times. This is the time that we need to pray for our country. God is our refuge and strength – Psalm 46.


    This month my husband and I celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary. I am grateful for a good marriage and a loving husband. I am grateful for the years that we have spent together and through the ups and downs; we still choose each other. Here is to many more years and may we continue to make special memories together.

    Birthday celebration

    My daughter celebrated her birthday which also marked 12 years of motherhood. This has been the greatest experience in my life. I am forever grateful for the blessing of children in our marriage. The love for my daughters is indescribable. Seeing them develop and grow makes me so proud.

    My Blog

    I haven’t been so active on my blog as I would’ve liked during the month of September. However in saying that, I am still grateful to my readers and followers for taking the time to read my articles and giving their comments. My page views increased which is good for my stats.

    Heritage Day

    I am extremely proud of my roots and where I come from. I am grateful for my forefathers, -mothers and parents who laid a strong foundation. Because of them, I am.

    Rain Days

    Our province had good rain fall during September; and I’m grateful for that.  Dam levels has risen to over 70% which means that the water restrictions and tariffs will be adjusted.

    Expressing Thanks

    I’m grateful for my family, friends, colleagues, readers, followers and PR companies that I work with. I think expressing thanks does’t take much of you as a person. Acknowledging and appreciating those who I deal with on a daily, weekly or monthly basis is important.

    I hope you all have a fantastic October and until next time – bye for now.




      • Noleen Miller
        October 4, 2018 / 9:36 pm

        Thanks Melissa

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