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    The glass shatters on the floor – it was an accident. Your partner did that thing that he/she always do and it annoys you once again – it is a habit.  Question is; will you react or retract to these and many other scenarios? In many instances our initial response is to snap and vent – I’m talking about experience here.  Sometimes it is best to retract and not step into a battlefield.  Avoiding the battlefield opens up our mind to lay down the shield, step back, be silent, take a deep breath and focus. Remember not every action requires a reaction. View Post

    To a remarkable mother-in-law

    remarkable mother-in-law

    Today has been a day of feelings. I felt broken-hearted, fragile, low, angry, overwhelmed and exhausted. I thought I had this grieving thing under control. After all I’ve been through this before.  No matter how many times you experience grief; it’s doesn’t get any easier. It’s flippen hard and damn complicated.It’s been 2 weeks since your passing and today has really hit hard. I had my moment, I was alone at home, the weather was pretty miserable. As the rain drops rolled down the window; so were the tears streaming down my cheeks. I had an uncontrollable reaction to what I have lost – a remarkable mother-in-law, a woman of strength and courage. I broke down and cold no longer suppress my feelings – I had to let go. View Post

    A message to the unapologetic narcissist

    message unapologetic narcissist

    I spot you everywhere. In the workplace, church, parent groups, in the company of friends and family. Some people cannot handle you. They try to avoid you like the plague.  Perhaps you are not aware of this or that you are a narcissist.  Do you even know what it means?

    Let me enlighten you.

    You are that person who thinks you are superior and see no one as your equal. Compared to others, you view yourself differently – more important.  Similarly, your ego, status and titles are everything to you. You strive for perfection and constantly boast about yourself and what you possess.

    In the beginning you are very charming and persuasive, putting up a facade to lure people into your space. Once you have gained their trust, you become domineering. Making it difficult for them to distance themselves from you.

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    Lunching with good friends at the Yard in the Silo District

    lunching good friends yard silo district

    It’s been a while since I caught up with my girlfriends. Well more than a year to be exact. The weirdest thing is we all live in and around Cape Town. You see we all have busy schedules that is overflowing with work, kids, households etc. So, setting time aside for a meetup with friends is not always easy.

    And I get it, hence what I wrote in my previous blog post about finding balance.

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    Happy Eleventh Birthday Lea

    Happy Eleventh Birthday Lea

    A birthday message to my daughter on her eleventh birthday

    Today my sweet girl you are ELEVEN. How is this even possible?  I guess, I said the same thing when you turned ten.  Looking at you today, so much have changed over the past eleven years. Whenever your birthday comes along, I get a bit emotional as the memory of your birth will never leave me.

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