• Cranberry, Apricot and Pistachio Biscotti {Sweet, Crunchy and Deliciousness in every bite}

    cranberry apricot pistachio biscotti sweet crunchy deliciousness bite

    Hi lovelies! Are you in the mood for baking this weekend and looking for something to stock up your cookie jar? Then I have just the recipe for you.

    Let just say I’ve got a new baking craze and that is for biscotti biscuits. My new little obsession started when we visited White Water Farm during the holidays. With the complimentary coffee and tea, there was also delectable biscotti biscuits. It was so lovely that we couldn’t help but dig in.

    Twice-baked biscuit cookie is the definition of the word “Biscotti”. It is exactly that, baking it twice to make it crunchy. Although the modern Biscotti, also known as Cantucci is associated with the Tuscan regions of Italy, the origin of this biscuit go as far back as the Roman times.

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    Simple Vanilla Cupcakes

    simple vanilla cupcakes

    Baking is one of the things I love to do when I have time of course. Cupcakes is my favorite thing to bake. It is quick, no fuss and always flop proof. Flop proof in a sense that I never over mix my batter. Besides it being the easiest thing to bake, the end result is always different. Although the recipe and method stays the same, you can decorate it to look different every time. It can also be filled with caramel, fruit and chocolate spread.

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    Traditional Malva Pudding with a Twist

    Traditional Malva Pudding with a Twist

    The traditional malva pudding is South Africa’s most loved dessert. Mostly served in winter or colder days with custard, however this pudding is ideal served with ice cream as well. Making it an all season dessert. This traditional malva pudding with a twist takes the malva pudding to the next level.

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    Choc Fudge Pudding


    Choc fudge pudding

    This delicious choc fudge pudding is ideal for a Sunday afternoon.

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    Triple Chocolate and Nut Brownies

    Triple chocolate nut brownies

    Gooey brownies are my family’s ultimate weakness. I often make a batch and it disappears as soon as it has cooled. These triple chocolate and nut brownies are decadent and gives you a taste explosion.

    It is fudgy, rich and has oozing chocolate chucks in the centre. Any chocolate lover’s dream dessert or treat. 

    Of course you can use a box mix but nothing compares to making it from scratch. Omit the nuts if you or your family have a nut allergy. After trying my recipe, you will definitely not revert back to the box mix – that is how good these triple chocolate and nut brownies are. So go ahead and bake a batch. 


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